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The technology behind XTech

In order to maximise the performance of our products, XTech has taken a completely new route in terms of the raw materials used. In general, companies manufacture their products with the fabrics that are commercially available. The result is a range of extremely similar products and a lack of research and development.

Xtech is going in the opposite direction, undertaking an ambitious project involving the study and creation of special yarns for its textile production. These fibres are developed in synergy with a testing laboratory according to the specific processing techniques, the type of machines used, and the characteristics of the finished product specified by Xtech’s technicians. The result is two new fibres—X-DRY and X-PRO—that both offer exceptional performance because they are made exclusively for Xtech.

Our fibers

X-DRY is the brand that identifies the hollow fiber polypropylene developed by XTech. The main properties are breathability, lightness and optimal thermoregulation in both summer and winter. This particular yarn is made according to our processing techniques and the characteristics that the finished product must have. The result is a fiber with exceptional performance because it is made to measure and exclusively for XTech. The composition is 100% polypropylene but the processing techniques and procedures to create this thread remain top-secret!

The X-PRO brand marks one of the yarns researched and developed by XTech. It is a polyamide microfiber consisting of linear macromolecules obtained from the polycondensation of bifunctional compounds. Basically, thanks to its multifilament section, it guarantees breathability, softness to touch, resistance to wear and ease of dyeing in any color. Combined with polypropylene, the characteristics of the 2 yarns get together and give life to products with inimitable performances. The recipe for creating this thread is jealously guarded in the XTech offices and therefore top-secret!

Dryarn® is an innovative polypropylene microfiber that guarantees high performance levels even in extreme conditions of use. A technological and innovative product because is resistant, light, insulating and breathable. It’s hygienic, wearable and environmentally-friendly, too. One figure above all, emerged from laboratory tests, is the ability to expel sweat: 167 times faster and more effective than traditional cotton. The heat-insulating capacity of Dryarn® is unique and creates a breathable barrier that acts as an insulator at the entrance and as a vehicle of perspiration to the outside. All this for the benefit of a healthy microclimate, favorable to our well-being, which allows the skin to remain dry and warm in the winter months, while dry and cool in the summer months. An insulation capacity superior to that of wool which allows lowering the number of garments to wear, guaranteeing greater freedom of movement. The stable and ideal condition of “dry” tissue inhibits in advance the formation of bacteria, cause of bad smells, removing the risk of irritation, allergies and dermatitis. The “active” and permanent hypoallergenicity of Dryarn® makes it an ideal fiber also for its use in the medical field. For further info: www.dryarn.com

Q-Skin, is a bacteriostatic microfiber with silver ions. This innovative fiber presents unique and inimitable features: – Breathability: the sweat is expelled keeping the body dry at an ideal temperature; – Anallergicity: thanks to the use of very pure silver ions; – Hygiene and comfort: the use of silver ions prevents the proliferation of bacteria keeping the skin dry and clean with a high level of comfort; – Resistance to washing and reliability: the progressive Silver Release, allows a high strength and resistance to washing, preserving the characteristics of the product for a long time; – Respect for the environment: thanks to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly production system; – Compliance with European and international regulations: the silver ions used in the production of Q-Skin comply with the European Union Directives on Biocides and are registered at the American EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Resistex® Carbon is a yarn with unique technical characteristics, consisting of a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon and textile fibers. Here are the results of the tests carried out: The first significant data regard the body temperature measured on the athletes: when wearing Resistex® Carbon underwear and socks, the temperature variation was in fact three times lower than that measured with 100% polyester t-shirts. The exceptional fabric transpiration allows a faster evaporation of moisture. During a hard training, the subjects’ respiratory parameters were favorably modified: indeed, a reduction of the oxygen requirement of three liters / minute and of the respiratory quotient was obtained. The heart rate is 4 beats / minute lower than those who wear a 100% polyester shirt. The concentration of lactic acid in the capillary blood is about 12% less. In light of these results we can say that the Resistex® Carbon garments positively influence wellbeing, performance and significantly reduce the risk of injuries and muscle strain. For further information: www.resistex.it

Resistex® Bioceramic is a polyester fiber bonded to bio-ceramic crystals and able to perform a highly beneficial action for the human body: on the one hand it has a natural absorbing function against harmful UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays which, by impacting the skin, cause irritation, burns and melanomas. On the other hand a reflective action of the rays of a thermal nature constitutes a true shielding effect against sun heat. The unique technology of Resistex® Bioceramic allows lowering the temperature of the internal surface of the fabric, ensuring freshness and comfort during sports activity and exposure to sun. For further information: www.resistex.it

Resistex® Copper is a yarn with a high technological content obtained from the union of natural or artificial fibers with pure copper. Resistex® Copper fights germs and bacteria that are potentially harmful to health: it is antibacterial, that is able to inhibit bacterial proliferation. Metals like copper and silver are known as “bactericidal agents” and the effect is due to their action on the cell wall of the microorganism. This property helps to reduce bad odors caused by bacteria. Resistex® Copper yarn range is used for its antistatic nature, excellent thermal conductivity, bacteriostaticity and the beneficial properties it provides to the human body. For further information: www.resistex.it

Resistex® Silver is a yarn that exploits the characteristics of silver. Silver has one of the lowest rates of radiance among all the elements: this means that it has a very low radiation rate speed of thermal energy, remaining hot for a long time. The infrared (IR) reflection factor of silver is above 95%: it is the highest value compared to any other element and means that 95% of the radiant energy that comes into contact with silver is reflected towards its source. As a result, Resistex® Silver minimizes heat loss by reflecting its own energy on the skin. Silver has the highest heat conduction rate: Resistex® Silver actively works to distribute heat quickly and uniformly throughout the product and to allow the subsequent transfer. During the hot season, when conduction is the main heat transfer agent, Resistex® Silver promotes the natural action of the body by accelerating the conduction from the heat emitted by the skin. For further information: www.resistex.it

Antistatic-dissipative and antibacterial fabric, due to the presence of silver fibers dispersed in the deep blend of the yarn. The result is a valuable and versatile product, completely natural and absolutely non-toxic which guarantees dyeability and toughness, and which keeps the sanitizing characteristics of silver unaltered for life. Pure Nostatex® Silver guarantees important properties: – it is effective against the bacteria responsible for bad smell (Norma JIS 1902); – has an antistatic-dissipative action and, thanks to the unsurpassable electrical conductivity of silver, promotes the anti-stress action against the feeling of fatigue (EOS / ESD test); – is an exceptional thermoregulator, indeed, thanks to the antistatic-dissipative effect, it favors the blood circulation for cell oxygenation, keeping the whole body at the same temperature; – it has a high radiating power, so it maintains the body heat for a long time when it is cold; – doesn’t lose its properties even after numerous washes.

Soft Air Plus is a yarn designed to offer maximum thermoregulation and breathability. Its particular structure allows the formation of micro air bubbles that remain stable on the surface of multifilament, thus generating a highly breathable thermal barrier able to carry out a continuous and constant heat exchange, keeping the body warm in winter and cool in summer. Soft Air Plus offers a softness comparable to silk, excellent elasticity and an indispensable freedom of movement. It doesn’t felt, doesn’t cause the pilling and all the characteristics remain unchanged even after numerous washes.

Coolmax is a fabric designed by Advansa to keep the body dry during every physical activity. Its structure consisting of high-density polyester fibers (up to six channels) transports skin moisture to the outside of fabric. Coolmax can work as a thermoregulator, dries very quickly and is easy to maintain.

Meril SkinLife is a microfiber with silver ions. The main features are its breathability, thermoregulation and of course, thanks to the action of silver ions, it is a bacteriostatic and hypoallegenic fiber. Human skin normally has a more or less stable presence of bacteria. A high level of bacteria, as well as complete absence, would create serious problems like allergies, bad smells, skin diseases. Meryl SkinLife is not a bactericide: it doesn’t eliminate the “friendly” bacteria of the skin but it inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, which cause bad smells. For these reason it is an excellent material for clothes in contact with the skin.

The WINDSTOPPER® membrane is an ultra-thin, completely wind-proof layer, laminated with an ultra-light fabric. The membrane is made of a polymer (PTFE) which is stretched to obtain a microporous structure. These micropores are 900 times larger than a vapor molecule, thus allowing the sweat to pass outside the fabric without obstacles.

Il Gore-Tex is a synthetic fabric with high waterproof and breathable properties, composed of thermomechanically expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The actual fabric is made up of ten Gore-Tex membranes, each of which has about 9 billion microscopic holes per square inch. Each hole is about 20,000 times smaller than a water drop, but allows the passage of water vapor produced by human sweating, making the fabric breathable. He presented a major evolution for some sectors such as mountaineering and extreme sports in general, as it allowed the production of technical clothing resistant to water, wind, breathable and very light.

Polartec® was created to give fabrics greater efficiency, more reliable breathability, faster drying and better overall performance. Not all basic fabrics have been created in the same way and many of them can provide temporary absorption that fades and weakens after each wash. With Polartec® it was possible to develop a material thanks to which the moisture from the skin doesn’t expand, guaranteeing a faster evaporation and a much longer life span of the fabric.

Schoeller® is a special fabric that contains millions of microcapsules filled with phase change materials (PCM). Thanks to this, hot and cold temperatures are compensated in an atmosphere of personal comfort. These microcapsules react to temperature differences, modifying their state of aggregation from solid to liquid and vice versa. Schoeller® adapts itself to both hot and cold temperatures and therefore always guarantees the wearer’s personal comfort climate. At low temperatures and at rest, the body is kept warm for a much longer period of time. Otherwise, with a strong presence of heat, the body is cooled and it prevents overheating during physical effort.

Polygiene® is a high-efficiency odor prevention technology based on silver ions that blocks the formation of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. Thanks to its sanitizing properties it is also widely used in the medical field. If used in socks and underwear in general it prevents the formation of irritations and blisters and facilitates healing. The polygiene treatment maintains its characteristics for the entire life of the garment.