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XTech’s commitment to environmental sustainability

Respect for nature is one of XTech’s cornerstones, keeping the company grounded in the present. Remaining mindful of the world we inhabit and our need to protect it for the future, XTech has made the following commitments to promote environmental sustainability:

  • Minimising CO2 emissions: thanks to sophisticated engineering and carefully selected materials, XTech has constructed its new premises in line with an eco-design philosophy and the desire to safeguard its surroundings. The production facility is equipped with a photovoltaic system that provides clean energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by several tonnes per year.
  • Zero km production: all production phases, from design to manufacturing and from weaving to packaging, take place within the Paitone premises, in the Province of Brescia.
  • XTech protects people and the environment. In fact, all the materials used are the best on the market and bear the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label. This textile value certification guarantees eco-friendly production, human health, eco-friendly consumption and eco-friendly disposal.
  • At XTech, nothing is left to chance: all the dyes are eco-friendly and all the packaging uses recycled cardboard. Packaging and catalogues are printed according to FSC standards and are fully compatible with recycling processes.
  • Safety is at the heart of our company. For every finished product, XTech envisages its new life on the road alongside the athlete. That’s why so many items are equipped with high-visibility reflective inserts, to ensure that you can train safely at any time of day and in all weather.

This philosophy, which is deeply anchored in the values of sustainability, makes XTech a shining example of Italian spirit and environmentalism.


A desire to change the world of sport: integrating innovation into everyday life is a challenge that XTech has whole-heartedly accepted, transforming it into a cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. Firmly rooted in its Italian origins, the company always keeps an eye on the future. The XTECH recipe for success and awareness is made up of a few fundamental ingredients:

High-performance yarn is used in a revolutionary production process, where state-of-the-art machinery sits side by side with classic manufacturing, working in harmony with Italian craftsmanship.

XTech wants to be known around the world for its Italian expertise. By learning from Made in Italy traditions and enriching them with cutting-edge technology, the company can create garments that are tailored to modern customers with high standards.

Research is at the heart of the XTech philosophy, because the company’s ultimate goal is to design products that work in harmony with the athlete. Socks and underwear can become an extension of the body, creating a perfect symbiosis with the wearer.

A completely new way of understanding sportswear: imagination is the motor that drives the company to constantly exceed its own limits. Xtech therefore constructed a creative laboratory, where tradition and modernity can coexist to guarantee comfort and maximum performance for athletes.