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XTech’s commitment to research and development for every garment

Science to create raw materials, research as a starting point: XTech looks to the future to create products that reflect the times and redefine athletic performance. Performance, wellness, innovation and simplicity are the cardinal points that guide XTech’s dedicated group of researchers, chosen for their design and development capabilities.

Change is driven by subversive ideas that can rewrite the rules, and in XTech’s research laboratories designers with a high level of technical expertise are working to revolutionise the world of sport, starting with the raw materials.

This is the origin of the XTech revolution, leading to the launch of the “X-Dry and X-Pro” project. XTech’s two new patented fibres offer exceptional performance:

A highly wear-resistant macromolecule with advanced elastic recovery.

An extremely light hollow polypropylene fibre with impressive breathability. Naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Highly breathable fabrics that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding athletes: XTech goes beyond the limits of physics to achieve symbiosis with the athlete and help them return to their roots, where the body is at one with nature. Performance has reached unprecedented new levels.


Italian pride for pure quality: XTech has chosen to keep the entire production cycle, from design to packaging, in Italy.

The single location in Paitone (in the Province of Brescia) is self-sufficient and eco-compatible, with employees like a large family, united by their love of sport.

Italy as the starting point, the world as the finish line: in these difficult times, when companies are choosing to sacrifice quality and move production abroad, XTech is striving to keep its production team united and motivated.

Sport is the beating heart and the motor that drives the team, who are all determined to improve every day. Every product must meet the needs of the most demanding athletes, while simultaneously offering comfort and attractive designs. This is why innovation shines through at each stage of the production process, based on the highest standards. The company is a forge in which ideas are shaped and honed into top-of-the-range products. However, its philosophy never strays from the artisanal traditions of northern Italy, where the delicate art of textiles has been mastered for many years.

The Paitone facility utilises innovative processes, technologically advanced fibres and a highly skilled workforce. In a dedicated area, the engineers design the garments of the future, which are then brought to life using up-to-date machinery, always in line with the times.

Seamless technical underwear and next-generation yarn—patented by XTech—form the basis of the collections. The focus is on the end product and everything that goes into making it. No compromises: quality comes first, because quality is what safeguards the athlete. That’s why XTech is the first choice of so many athletes all over the world.