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Made in Italy warranty

Italian Pride for quality in its purest form: Xtech chose to keep the entire production cycle, from design to packaging, in Italy.

A unique seat in Paitone (in the province of Brescia), self-sufficient and environmentally-friendly, where employees are like one big family, united by their passion for sport.

Italy as starting point, the world as end point: an approach that in these difficult years, in which companies choose to produce in foreign countries by sacrificing the quality, helps motivate the whole team involved in the production.

Sport is the beating heart and the motor that moves a team determined to improve daily. All products must meet the demands by most demanding athletes and be at the same time comfortable and with an attractive design. The innovation is at any production stage which develops at the highest standards.

The company is designed as a forge where ideas materialize, becoming high-end products. Everything respects the craft tradition of northern Italy where the delicate textile arts have been studied in depth for ages.

Here we employ innovative methods, technologically advanced fibers and a workforce composed of high-level personnel.

In a reserved area the engineers design the items of the future, those which are then worked with machinery constantly renewed over the years to keep up with the times. Technical seamless underwear and latest generation yarns patented by Xtech are the basis of the collections. The focus is not only on the final product but also on everything we need to realize it.

No compromise: quality first of all, to safeguard the athlete. That’s why Xtech is many athletes’ choice around the world.