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Eco-sustainability horizons

The respect for nature as the principle for a company that is perfectly inserted in the present. Xtech is aware of the world in which it lives and protects it in view of the future.

The CO2 is reduced to a minimum: thanks to a sophisticated engineering and a careful study of materials, Xtech built his new seat with an eco- sartorial approach, in total respect of nature. This production center is equipped with a photovoltaic system that provides clean energy and allows reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of many tons per year.

Zero km production: all stages, from design to manufacturing, from weaving to packaging, occur in the seat in Paitone.

Xtech protects man and the environment: all the materials used are selected among the best and labeled OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, a certification of the textile value that ensures ecology of the production, human ecology, consumption ecology and ecology of disposal.

Nothing is left to chance: all dyes used are eco-friendly and the packaging is made of recycled paper. The packaging and catalogs are printed respecting the FSC standards and are fully compatible with the recycling process.

The safety is in the heart of the company: we also think about when the finished product begins a new life on the road to the athlete’s side. A lot of articles have been equipped with high-visibility reflective inserts to ensure a workout at any time of day and under all weather conditions.

These rules of thought make Xtech an example of company based on products which express Italianness and eco-sustainability at most.