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The most sought-after materials for cutting-edge products

Research to create raw materials, research as a starting point: Xtech looks at the future to create a product that interprets the present and redefines the athlete’s performance.

Performance and wellness, innovation and simplicity are the cardinal points  which guide the group of researchers whom Xtech chose for design and development.

The change is carried out with subversive thoughts, capable of renewing the rules, in the research laboratories of Xtech, minds with high technical competence work to revolutionize the world of sports starting from raw materials.

The Xtech revolution starts right from the yarns, because of this the “X-Dry and X-Pro” program was created.

This exclusive project involves the creation of ad hoc yarns, designed by considering the processing techniques, the type of machines used and the characteristics that the finished product needs to have.

A 360-degree view.

The result are two new fibers patented by Xtech with exceptional performance:

X-Pro, a macromolecule which is very wear-resistant and with a high elastic recovery;

XDRY, a hollow fiber made of polypropylene, very lightweight, highly breathable, bactericide in a natural way and hypoallergenic.

Highly breathable fabrics capable of satisfying even the most demanding athletes.

Xtech exceeds the limits of physics to enter in symbiosis with the athlete and to ensure a return to the original condition in which the body is nature. The performance reaches never-seen-before levels.